It doesn't matter how many times I watch this idiotic two-party dynamic play itself out, it never gets old.

Having clinched the nomination, John McCain is chucking his independence and getting in bed with the party establishment -- the same bunch of crooked and partisan figures that fucked him out of the nomination in 2000 and have been fucking the country ever since.

Why would a person with any principles or integrity do that?

Well . . .

He wants to be President.

Ditto Obama.

There's a reason you have to compromise your principles and resort to doublespeak and pandering to become President, and a great big chunk of that reason is the entrenched political Duopoly that dominates the political debate in this country. If it ain't Dem or Reep, it won't fly. Therefore, anybody who wants to get anywhere has to get in bed with one of these deeply creepy power structures, and that means compromising yourself in ways that would make your mother cringe.

Refuse to compromise your principles, and you'll never be a serious contender.

Sad, isn't it?

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