Bottom line, and I can't even claim to have seen this coming . . . It seems like the Reeps put all their eggs in Gee-Dub's basket, and damned if he didn't drop that fucker.

Unless the Dems do something really amazingly ridiculous in the next two years -- and Heaven knows we can never rule that out -- it's tough to imagine the Reeps pulling it out.

Let me say again that if Hillary Clinton becomes the next PotUS, Bush cultists will have nobody to blame but themselves. Bastards. They might deserve it, but America doesn't.

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Dan Trabue said...

I think running Hillary is the one thing that the Dems could do to make it a sporting contest. I was saying that running Hillary would be the only way to be sure the Dems lose, but I'm not sure at this point if even the horribly flawed and unelectable Hillary could lose against the Republicans they got lined up right now.

Otherwise, I think the Dems have a shoo-in.