Eyes on the Prize

Oh, no, I can't imagine why the administration would sacrifice the lives of American troops in the name of nation-building . . .
But even "untold riches" don't tell the whole story. Depending on how Iraq's petroleum law shakes out, the country's enormous reserves could break the back of OPEC, a wet dream in Western capitals for three decades. James Paul predicted that "even before Iraq had reached its full production potential of 8 million barrels or more per day, the companies would gain huge leverage over the international oil system. OPEC would be weakened by the withdrawal of one of its key producers from the OPEC quota system." Depending on how things shape up in the next few months, Western oil companies could end up controlling the country's output levels, or the government, heavily influenced by the U.S., could even pull out of the cartel entirely.
Keeping in mind that the government of Iraq will have the option of re-nationalizing the oil industry at will, does anybody really believe the geostrategists in the White House are going to leave there without installing an un-oustable pro-American government, no matter what the Iraqi people want?

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Anonymous said...

Oh heavens, how can you be sooooo jaded... :P

I, for one, would be disappointed if we were only there for democracy, for that could have been obtained through less "us being there" means. I guess our government has trouble keeping our dingdongs out of places they don't belong. Viva la Imperialism! :P