"White House press secretary Tony Snow said the report was 'nothing new.'"

True statement.

So, now the conspiracy to make Bush look bad has spread not only to the DoD, but to the Senate Reeps as well.

Not that it matters. At this point the only people who still believe in this administration simply need to, no matter what the facts are.

Hard to believe that so many people are so emotionally fragile that they could be driven so crazy by a single, albeit spectacular, attack. In fact, I don't think 9/11 did this to them. I think they've always been this way, but 9/11 made them feel justified in their lunacy.

If the Reeps do lose power this year -- and I'm still not putting any money on that one -- everybody watch your lunatic 'winger colleagues for odd behavior. They could actually snap at the prospect of seeing the Party lose total control.

It's that bad.

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