This is what a reform movement looks like.

Update: Ok, the more serious point is what Atrios points out, which is the deeply elitist and authoritarian streak of the rich and liberalish. Many of them are starfuckers who want to be around big shot Democrats like Hillary Clinton, regardless of policy or ideology (which explains her $40 million warchest). [ . . . ]

Actually it's interesting how much of this social world revolves around Terry McAuliffe and the Clinton/Gore WH. Gore is partners with Lieberman Steven Rattner in Current TV. And the whole culture of insider Democrats, which overlaps lobbyists like Mike McCurry and Richard Goodstein along with single issue group leaders, is part of it. They think nothing of spitting on Democratic activists, holding them in utter contempt. This machine was created in the early 1980s by Tony Coehlo, who I'll write more about in the next few weeks. The rules for this machine are simple - don't rock the boat, and don't point fingers at anyone but liberals, activists, and politicians like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Maxine Waters who for some strange reason just, you know, make people uncomfortable. Feel free to loot, steal, insult, take money from lobbyist friends, become a lobbyist friend, and/or support the right-wing. Just don't point fingers and don't rock the boat.

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