Oh look; I was wrong.

The nice thing about being a pessimist is that you're so rarely surprised -- and when it does happen, it's almost always pleasant.

I was wrong about it being a bad idea to keep DeLay on the ballot. His indicted ass has dropped out hard, leaving the Reeps contemplating putting up a write-in candidate against the Dem nominee. Emptywheel@NextHurrah seems to have the whys of it figured out. It's a solidly Reep district, so something tells me Lampson's going to get his ass handed to him in 2008, but for the time being, it feels good to see DeLay foiled. Symbolic.

And, of course, then there's Lamont. Oh, boy, was I wrong about Lamont. Unless the Reeps make a real effort to get Lieberman re-elected -- and that's by no means unlikely -- Lamont has a real shot at ousting Gee-Dub's kissyface buddy. I'm not getting my hopes up -- and Lamont is an unknown quantity anyway -- but I have to give his people credit, they did the impossible. The rematch is gonna be a blowout, for sure.

So, lots of morale-boosting going on. Open war in the Mideast, oil prices spiking while production goes into decline, and the planet is burning . . . but it's been a nice couple of days for the anti-corporatist forces.

And the Gin Blossoms are streaming their new record for your free listening pleasure. So that's something, anyway.


On the other hand, the thing that really sucks about being a pessimist is that when you're right, you don't generally get to feel good about it. It turns out that I was on the right track here -- tragically so -- but it's even worse than I thought.

So much for Lebanon. The colonial transformation of the region proceeds.

God help us.

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