Welcome to the Occupation

It's been said that military or imperial occupation destroys not only the life and property of the occupied, but -- much more terribly -- the soul of the occupier.

As the Haditha rampage, apparently a product of the sheer blinding rage of Marines in the wake of an IED attack, trickles into the collective awareness of America, Reep apologists will undoubtedly attempt to minimize the horror of these actions by playing up the frustration experienced by our troops, as they attempt to pacify a hostile population which neither welcomes their presence nor trusts their intentions. (Okay, Reep apologists probably won't include that last part. It will probably be drawn along the lines of "a population that doesn't cooperate with the security forces, that gives cover to terrorists" or some other such gibberish.)

In any event, on this point, these people are absolutely right. This is an inevitable consequence of forceful occupation. This is what we've been afraid of all along.

What the Reep apologists are also going to attempt, however, is to pin the blame for this frustration on, let's say, Michael Moore and Cindy Sheehan. If opponents of the war would just keep their mouths shut, we'll be told, our troops wouldn't be under the stress of being attacked by their own people as well as the occupied population.

We can safely assume that the Reeps will make this assertion because they've shown no evidence that they have any answer to the charge that this occupation, the corrosive and toxic brainchild of the corporatist scum at the heart of this administration, was undertaken for anything but the right reasons.
Democracy, democracy, democracy, they keep chanting that mantra, hoping to drown out anyone who dares to question their motives, but we know perfectly well that that it is the very same warcry that went forth while the Reagan administration -- functionally the same administration now in power -- sent Don Rumsfeld to help cover up Saddam's crimes while they were ongoing, while they sold weapons to Iran, while they destroyed and destroyed and destroyed weak nations around the world, all for the sake of their own greed and powerlust.

We know that these things happened, and we have seen not a shred of evidence that these people have changed their ways -- indeed, almost every dark and pessimistic prediction a cynic could make about the intent of this war has been confirmed. The millions who marched around the world in opposition to the invasion knew perfectly well that WMDs were not the purpose, that democracy was not the goal, that this was simply one more attack on a weak nation to benefit a relative handful of aristocrats.

And it is our troops, those who have agreed to give their lives for our country, who pay the price, not only in blood but in spirit. Because it was not the rampaging soldiers, or the dead civilians, or Michael Moore, or even Saddam Hussein who created this situation. This war belongs to one small group of (mostly) rich white men, men who sold their souls for wealth and power a long time ago, and now seem intent on dragging America down into Hell with them.

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V said...

Great post, Eric. I think the spin will start with "IF it happened, and that's a big IF . . . " and go to "IF it happened, they (Iraqis--who are ungrateful, violent, terroristical) probably were hiding insurgents or arms, or not telling everything they knew, or adamantly hostile to US forces--in other words, they deserved it. Then they'll lather over the "fog of war" and "war is hell" arguments and see how long that floats. By that time we'll have another atrocity to add to the list. Remember the Abu Ghraib supplemental photos? Anyone care about those now? So much has passed beneath the bridge since then.