I blame Bush.

And a big hearty "thank you and congratulations" to everyone who voted for Gee-Dub and supported every bad policy he put forward so enthusiastically and irrationally -- because you each had a hand in this as well:
Yet the developing relationship between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Murdoch - who has built an empire in part on the strength of media outlets such as Fox News and The New York Post that delight in skewering the Clintons - has drawn special attention, perplexing some political analysts and infuriating some liberals already suspicious of Mrs. Clinton's centrist positioning. Although she is ostensibly raising money for her re-election to the Senate this year, she is widely considered to be laying the groundwork for a presidential bid in 2008.
There's really nothing perplexing about this at all: Media titan Rupert Murdoch is a global kingmaker, and his position depends on picking winners. The looming popular backlash against the Reep party -- as presently embodied in the occupants of the White House and a score of other crooks and liars now under investigation and/or indictment -- will, predictably, drive the corporatists and their campaign contributions away from the GOP and toward That Other Party, where they will inevitably be drawn into the orbit of the crookedest liars they can find there.

So just a bit of forewarning: If Hillary 2008 should come to pass, you have no one to blame but yourselves, and this ridiculous giggling thug you refused to believe the truth about for so long.

Thanks so much.

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