Pat Buchanan:

Tehran is telling Bush: We are not going to be the only country on earth to have signed the NPT and then be told by you we cannot exercise our rights under the treaty.

[ . . . ] it is hard to see how U.S. vital interests would be served by a war on Iran for asserting its rights under the NPT. Nor has Bush been authorized by Congress to launch a preventive war on Iran. The Bush "axis-of-evil" doctrine notwithstanding, we still have a Constitution.

The neocons assure us the regime would crack under an attack and Iranians would welcome us, but this is the same "cakewalk" crowd that told us the Iraqis would welcome us killing their soldier sons, occupying their country and putting Ahmad Chalabi in Saddam's palace.
Take note: Swallowing the administration's bull$#!+ is not essential to being a conservative.

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