Holla Back Wackos!

Memo from Michael Scanlon to Kathy VanHoof, 10/23/01
Exhibit from the Senate Indian Affairs Committee
Oversight Hearing on Lobbying Practices, 11/2/05 (page 119)

Wait a minute. Who's Michael Scanlon?

Scanlon is a former aide to Tom DeLay and the business partner of Jack Abramoff.

Uh . . . who's Jack Abramoff again?

A Bush fundraiser and Reep political operative who's accused of bilking Indian tribes out of large piles of cash, has been charged with fraud in a Florida transaction that ended in murder, and has ties to now-indicted White House official David Safavian -- not to mention conservative power-broker Grover Norquist, former Christian Coalition head Ralph Reed, Tom Delay and others.

Wha . . . ?

You heard me.

All right . . . so who the heck is Kathy VanHoof?

VanHoof was the attorney to the Coushatta tribe in Louisiana.

Wait . . . Huh?

Scanlon's memo was an outline explaining how the company he and Abramoff ran would fend off a threat to the tribe's gaming operations -- by mobilizing anti-gambling and anti-Indian activists and making them think they were voting against a measure to expand gambling in the state.


It's not that complicated. The Reep moneychangers planned to get Reep voters to turn out by telling them that what they were voting on would do the exact opposite of what it would actually do.

And, of course, the Reep moneychangers knew exactly how to get the message to "the wackos" without it coming to the attention of the general public: "Christian radio, mail, the internet and telephone trees."

Wow . . .

Yeah, no $#!+.

So can we give up on this nonsense about the Reeps being the party of faith?


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