Kris@NothingAside was in attendance, and sees the overall strategy emerging:
Chalabi also suggested that the U.S. needn't really ever leave Iraq. They should just pull back to a few bases eventually. Why should the U.S. stay and keep bases in Iraq? To protect Iraq from its neighbors. Not to keep Iraq from descending into civil war, but to keep Iraq free from interference from its threatening neighbors.
David@Cont'd, on the other hand, sees the swindler's smoothness as a good sign:
He speaks good English, he smiles, and he dodges questions like a true democrat. If he were a dictator like his predecessor, he’d speak in a cold, humorless fashion, but he spins things in all the ways of a man who has to answer to voters. Extraordinary.
Extraordinary. A charismatic con man. Who'd have thought? Of course, we should just look past the man's betrayal of America, his collusion with Iran, all his naked power gaming, just because he's a charming swindler.

See the video.

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