Yeah, we're pissed.

You know what?

It's true.

Liberals are pissed off at Bush.

Because of Katrina.

No, we don't think he caused the hurricane, or that he steered the hurricane, or that he could have prevented the hurricane. (See, liberals aren't the ones who think that Bush is an agent of God. That's another group.)

But we have to give credit where credit is due.

When we think about all the times that this man has stood up in front of America and argued against proposals and treaties to fight global warming, we get mad.

When we think about the money that was diverted from flood prevention projects in New Orleans to the unnecessary and wasteful invasion of Iraq, we get mad.

When we think about the guardsmen who aren't available to provide disaster relief because they've been called to Iraq, we get mad.

When we hear the theocratic extremists who form the President's base suggest that Katrina represents the righteous wrath of God visited upon the sinful . . .

We. Get. Mad.

We are furious with Bush because, in his monomaniacal pursuit to oust Saddam Hussein and gain control of Iraq, he has not only bungled the search for Osama bin Laden, left our ports and borders unguarded, left our chemical and nuclear facilities vulnerable, allowed unemployment and poverty to deepen, allowed corporate fraud and war profiteering to go unchecked, and totally ignored the threats posed by climate change . . . George W. Bush has also left this country unable to adequately respond to natural disasters in a timely manner.

We are furious with Bush because, when we warned of the risks posed by his bad decisions, we were called naysayers, alarmists . . . liberals.

We are furious with Bush because he's dug this country into a hole that it will take decades to work our way out of.

As nature has just demonstrated, you don't want to be stuck in a hole when a storm comes along. If that happens, we'll know who to blame -- and it won't be gays, Iran, or liberals.

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